Tuesday, June 01, 2021


Two news items caught my eye since noon, both leave me livid and wanting to take a baseball bat to people. Which, under normal circumstances, is not something a rational man should do, nor something one should want to do.

A man who "specializes in killing Asian people" was arrested after attacking an Asian female police officer in San Francisco's Chinatown on Friday. [--] The assailant, identified as Gerardo Contreras, is believed to be homeless, according to KTVU. Documents obtained by ABC7 show Contreras has prior arrests, including aggravated assault, elder abuse and assaults on other officers elsewhere in California.
Prior to the attack, Contreras allegedly said that he "specializes in killing Asian people" and that "Chinese people don't belong here."

[SOURCE: Yahoo News: Man Who 'Specializes in Killing Asian People' Arrested After Assaulting Cop in SF]

Karan Joshi, an attorney for the Texas-based personal injury law firm Thomas J. Henry Law, commented: “Hey charlie, the Wuhan Lab may have an opening,” Joshi commented, “good luck.”
[SOURCE: SFGate: Texas attorney's racist comment on abandoned Tesla engineer's LinkedIn post]

From the Thomas J. Henry website:

Karan Joshi

Attorney at Thomas J. Henry Law's San Antonio Office

Mr. Karan Joshi is a dedicated attorney from New Delhi, India. Mr. Joshi earned his Doctor of Jurisprudence at Thomas Jefferson School of Law in San Diego. He also holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver.

During law school, Mr. Joshi worked with the San Diego Public Defender and District Attorney’s Office. While there, he was required to visit jails, attend readiness conferences, investigate cases, interview clients, and research various legal issues related to criminal matters. Mr. Joshi has also worked as a legal assistant, preparing forms and materials for immigration and family law cases while handling clients scheduling intake and other filing duties.

Most recently, Mr. Joshi has worked as a senior paralegal, preparing petitions and drafting discovery requests for a personal injury firm.

Outside of work, Mr. Joshi enjoys spending time with friends, watching movies, and participating in community events. He is fluent in Hindi and Punjabi.


Besides being fluent in three languages and very well educated, Mr. Joshi is also a bit of a moron with very obvious bad judgment and a lousy sense of humour.
So he fits in perfectly, in San Antonio,Texas.
As bhainchotes do. Naturally.

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