Monday, June 21, 2021


Last night a friend kvelled about his and his wife's first social event since the pandemic lockdown. Cite: "Vaccinations: Check. Booze: Check. Cool people: Check."
It sounded wonderful, and the photos he posted are lovely.
Of course I wasn't there, because I am not cool.
I take peevish pride in that.

That is to say, I'm on the spectrum, and consequently rather socially uncomfortable, so it's not surprising that I'm rarely invited to events of any kind, and I tend to feel out of my element in such situations. I need to mention this because my birthday is coming up (in roughly four months), and it's totally okay if no one invites me to the party.

Go ahead without me.
I'm cool.

Actually, I've only had birthday parties twice in my life, as a young adult. I was not involved in the planning, they were surprises, which though enjoyable, were not what I intended to do that day. One of them involved lots of chocolate.
I like chocolate.

Thank you, Pauline, Rhonda, and Cara.

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