Saturday, June 19, 2021


First thought on seeing what we have for icecream was "good lord she's turning into a white woman!", folllowed closely by "is nothing sacred to her?" Reason being that it was non-dairy cold brew with tapioca balls. That's three hippity-hip concepts linked right there which should not be uttered in the same breath. The apartment-sharing person being a lactose TOLERANT Chinese American female who is resolutely un-hip. And quite enjoys butter, milk, cheese, yogurt, and icecream.

Non-dairy cold brew with tapioca balls sounds like it was invented with the yoga dilletanting twenty-something Lulu Lemon shopper in mind. Or the Marina crowd.

I like non-dairy. Porkchops and many fine German sausages are non-dairy.
Cold brew is extremely hip modern white people stuff.
Tapioca balls, mm, well, whatever.
The turkey vulture insisted I have some. Because he was hungry, and not only did I not bring home any fatty inner thighs from a cadaver for him to feast upon -- he suggested I go out and club a street person, "pretend they're a baby harpseal and this is Canada" -- but I also refused to pick up little hamsters for his dining pleasure. And furthermore, I had NO interest in frying up a porkchop reserved for me in the refrigerator, as I had eaten lunch late (it had been a busy work-day, I scarfed down my sandwich after four o'clock, so right at tea-time).

He started cheerily chanting "balls balls balls" to encourage me.
Balls balls balls, balls balls balls!

I'm sure it's just an exploratory phase she's going through, maybe influenced by all the white women surrounding her. A voyage of "gustatory" curiosity. It's only a day or two since she was dreamily talking about dessert at a favourite Chinatown restaurant we both like -- she went there for lunch before covid, I would go there for dinner -- which was Jello and icecream.
Red flavoured Jello, cheap vanilla icecream. So good, so good.

I tried some of the non-dairy cold brew balls stuff.
Not bad. Not bad.

Might have some more when we run out of blueberry cheesecake icecream.

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