Tuesday, June 15, 2021


These banana custard goop center cookies are remarkable, oh my! Very fragrant. I suspect that they glow in the dark, and in another three hours or so I shall find out.

It is always stimulating to the cerebral cortex when one discovers a new snacky thing in Chinatown, especially when there is not one iota of English on the packaging.
香蕉牛奶味來心 ('heung jiu ngau naai mei lai sam').

Startlingly banana-y.

With a crispy crunchy crumblesome crust.

I don't really like bananas, they make me itch. It's probably a slight reaction to the oils in the peel. When they're cooked however, they're quite safe. Years ago I made banana turnovers with phyllo dough. Sprinkle of sugar, pinch cocoa, a few drops vanilla essence. Delightful.

These things are not similar. But they reminded me.

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