Monday, June 28, 2021


Several of the most offensive videos on Youtube are foreigners reacting to the concept of eating herring like the Dutch. Not the taste -- they don't actually eat the thing until the end of the clips -- but the idea. Ooh, ick, revolting, weapon of mass destruction, how degenerate.

Once they get over their very Anglo Yank revulsion and try it, most of them like it.

Several of the videos show pickle chips as well as the herring.

I've never had it with pickle chips.

That's rather new.
Dutch "raw" herring is, by Japanese standards, not raw, but a little bit too post-raw. It's cured by shortly after catch being gutted except for the pancreas, which is left in for the enzymes, then dumped in a vat to cure with salt, after which it must be frozen for twenty four hours at least to remove the very minor danger of nematodes. Thus pre-prepped, it can be kept year round, thawed when needed, trimmed, served as pristine virginal fillets, with some chopped onion.

The Japanese cure it less for herring sushi, and don't really like herring sashimi because of the high fat content of a first-year herring.

People raised on American junkfood are intellectually opposed to eat fish because they want everything to have the texture and taste of a bacon cheese burger. Not a good bacon cheese burger, but crap from a five dollar meal place with a clown.

As an innovation, I'll suggest having "raw" herring with a little kimchi, which I think would be a great combo.

Oh wait. You people don't eat that either. Edible vegetables come out of a can and are grey and mushy. Sorry, I forgot.

You can't get Nederlandsche Groene Haring in the United States anyway, because Americans eat everything with cheese, bacon, and limp greasy fries. Or soaked in sugar.

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