Thursday, June 24, 2021


Last night I did what I would advise my apartment mate not to do. In fact, I recommend that no woman of Asian ancestry and ethnicity do it. At least until sanity returns to society. After a brief nap I had a shot of coffee and went out for a long walk through dark streets with my pipe and stout walking stick.
The walking stick is to ensure social distancing. Being white, I do not need to worry that some racist droodge from Antioch or Piedmont will surprise-clobber me, but there's still the nutballs out there. Hence the stick.

The pipe is to lure healthcare professionals desperate for human interaction.
Statements like "you really should quit smoking" are, in a manner of speaking, conversation starters. And most doctors and nurses I know are fascinating intelligent people who would benefit from a random discussion that defensively segued off the subject of tobacco .....

The pipe is an ice-breaker. I fondly imagine that I'll be happily puffing and out of nowhere a doctor or nurse will utter the words "you really should stop smoking, do you know what it does to your arteries", and within moments we will be discussing Indian and Indonesian cuisine, Chinese chachanteng specials, and how the Italians, as well as making fabulous (and healthy) pasta dishes, are the only Westerners besides the Dutch and the Belgians whom I would trust to cook seafood. Whitebread Anglos, not so much. Or at all.

Truth be told, that is much more likely to happen in daylight than darkest night. Which is also when small-boned Asian women should be out strolling with their pipes, rather than on lower Nob Hill after twilight when the only other people out seem to be loud drunken Caucasians.
And why are they all so noisy?!?.

The apartment mate does not smoke. Sadly, she is defective in that regard.

Avoid intoxicated Caucasians; their presence is not rewarding.
Always carry a big stick for adequate social distancing.

Smoke clean tobacco made by a reputable company.
And talk to your doctor. Regularly.

"You really should stop smoking!"

Got back after twelve. It was a full moon last night, and away from Polk Street it was pleasantly quiet. Balmy air, not cold or breezy. Extremely enjoyable. Surprisingly, there were no conversational opportuninies. Why is that?


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