Monday, June 07, 2021


The most interesting article in the local press this morning, which I shall linke here because you might easily overlook it in your rush not to read crap, such as the San Francisco Newspapers are, or even cat-up-a-tree stories and outrage over yet another restaurant closure ("waah, all the fabulous restaurants are gone, there is nothing to eat but food!"), discusses a coffee substitute based on totally hip nourishments.

It was written by Drew Magary.


Cruise on in. Enjoy a takedown of some hippie shit you know you don't need.
Well written, evocative, with pointed wordings.

Have a cup of coffee while reading.

Mark Zuckerberg probably drinks a coffee substitute. Very likely, that is obligatory for everyone who works at Facebook, which is probably the most humourless environment outside of Mar A Lago, filled with soulless ultra woke vegetarians and new age freaks. All of whom own exercise equipment, Grateful Dead tee-shirts, and Tibetan prayer beads.

Do it fast, because it's probably going to offend people in Berkeley or Marin who will force SF Gate to take it down. If Drew Margary commits any further offenses, he / she / genderneutralpronounofchoice will be spiritually lynched.
Drew Maragry is a witch. Burn they.

File under weird white people.


I am currently in a dispute with the Facebook Oversight Board, which like a santimonious Sunday school teacher doesn't like something I said about marijuana -- of which I disapprove, and I despise potheads btw -- and has told me that they're triggered oh poor babies, Also, SF Gate no longer allow comments, which is probably just as well because between rightwingers saying offensive things and the leftwingers being sickeningly clue-less, the comment sections for most news media have become pooh-flinging contests. Hence my praising Drew Margary's essay here. Where the only person who might be "triggered" is me.

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