Friday, June 04, 2021


Today is a Dutch American holiday. Everybody else gets proclamations, or an entire month, or special celebrations at the library. Or school lessons discussing their group and how important they are. What we get is "National Donut Day". First Friday in June. Apparently the sum total of our contribution to the culture and history of the United States consists of morbid obesity, diabetes, and enduring intestinal discomfort.

We have been impactful.
Hip hip!

Truth be told, I feel rather like Doctor Zoidberg right now, running around clacking my claws with excitement. Full of life. Laughing, singing, begging for scraps. As well as "muy macho".
I think my new shell had a live raccoon inside!

I wanted a grand parade down on Main Street with American flags, gay bunting, and drum majorettes, plus floats and beauty queens or politicians in open-topped conveyances.
Not even a commemorative turkey baster!

Inventing the donut is a historical achievement on par with the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, pyramids and the Sphinx, printing, the internal combustion engine, and the Hoover Dam.
Worth at least an entire month.

One day. Feh!

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