Sunday, June 27, 2021


This blogger is not the most social animal out there, by a wide margin, but he nevertheless relies on Facebook to keep track of the people he likes, and to find out whether they're still kicking and stirring up sh*t. Because it's good to know.

To that end, I will press 'like' or 'love' under their posts, and I am gratified if they do the same under my occasional statements of truth and beauty. In some ways that's good conversation.
I believe the correct terms for some of my social media activities are "edge lordism", "sh*tposting", and "dank memes".

Recent actual home-made texts (truth and beauty department):

"Feasting on krekers sandwic mentega kacang."

"Free Brittany, one with every purchase, limited time offer, collect the set!"

"I shall henceforth occasionally self-identify as a vampire unicorn. With sparkles".

"Among some octopus species the male achieves "mating" by ripping its reproductive organ off, flinging it at the female, and then swimming away to die. A novel tactic which I recommend for (other) humans. It will require more public swimming pools, however."

"What does FB bring to my attention this morning? Killer Haemorrhoids? The algorithm seems berserk. Unless FB is recommending I research the matter."

As you can see, a feast for the intellect.
There were also plenty of pictures.
So the eyes too.

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