Wednesday, June 16, 2021


A discussion with a friend reminded me of something I used to cook in Oakland when I still lived there: chicken necks in a mustard sauce. And the great thing about a casually slapped together mustard sauce is that it is nearly impossible to get it wrong.

To the hot pan grease add two or three spoonfuls of a decent (European style) mustard, stir around for a few seconds till cooked, then dilute with stock, white wine, and a squeeze of lemon juice. Chili paste, capers, or fresh herbs can be added at this point. Or not.

Useful things to have on hand are butter and reduced stock.

The key things are mustard, grease, liquid.

The chicken will appreciate it, so will the asparagus or odd cuts of meat.

Cooking mustard changes the flavour considerably; it will no longer be sharp and spicy, but sort of mellow, earthy, and rich. Any kind of real mustard (NOT that horrid bright yellow American crap with turmeric) will do. Grey Poupon is widely available.
Don't use powdered mustard.

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