Tuesday, June 22, 2021


One of my medications warns that dizziness may ensue, and I should neither stand up too quickly nor operate heavy machinery. Nor, presumably, pilot aircraft. That last was already a given. On the other hand, daily life causes dizziness; just look around you.

Too much caffeine causes dizziness. And getting up to pee when one is asleep should never be done quickly, but calmly, resolutely, and with much rational consideration beforehand.

The older one gets, the more micturation demands thought.

A bathroom is not something to rush into.
Things may cause dizziness, or impair the ability to operate a vehicle, a vessel, or machinery.
Reading specs serve to keep one from smacking oneself in the face with a coffee cup.
Looking through those specs toward walls and floors may cause dizziness.

Both reality and irreality may cause dizziness.

I shall continue to take it every day.

I sneer at your dizziness.

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