Monday, June 14, 2021


According to someone whom I encounter far too often, Covid 19 doesn't exist, masks are useless, and the vaccine puts a microchip inside people. Plus the internet companies are slowing down service because they want you to buy 5G.

And there's a safe and effective over-the-counter medicine that works against Covid.

Additionally, he believes that the state is doing all of this to control people, as per religions brought to earth by space aliens during the days of Babylon and Ur, and that he has the antibodies of tigers and eagles in his veins.

Sometimes it's hard to talk to seventy five year old men because they're batshit crazy, stupid, and even worse damned hippies than they were when they were younger.

They're old, they're stupid, and they live in Marin County.

They've watched youtube videos.

He's also of the opinion, vociferously expressed, that doctors and the pharmaceutical industry suppress cures to many illnesses because they want to make money and kill people, the only thing dangerous about tobacco is the chemicals they put in to keep you addicted, and all you need is for health is honey, artisanal breads, and craft bacon with a low moisture content.

I have, of course, been informed that everyone is entitled to their opinions, and I should stop being so damned uptight. Also that I am a communist.

He refuses to get vaccinated and hates modern America.

I've told him it was nice knowing him.

Which it isn't.

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