Tuesday, December 14, 2021


Summer is definitely over, so is the short, silly pretense of Autumn. It rained most of the day yesterday. And during the night. It's cold, shivery weather. Yes I know that isn't so bad when other places have snow, ice drifts, and people freezing in unheated apartments. But this is California. We're all about perpetual sunshine. Watch those Baywatch episodes again.
Slow motion running by tanned people in red swim wear.
The light, the heat, the passion. Oh!

Instead: dark and wet.

The turkey vultures are circling overhead.

At this time of year my apartment mate fixes herself cups of hot chocolate with whipped cream. Which has an appeal, to be sure, but I prefer bratwurst and potato salad, globs of sambal, and buckets of strong milk tea.

I'm rather a man of habit. Today I'll go over to San Pan Mei for bittermelon omelette over rice, then head over to the grocery store on Washington and buy a bag or two of Northern style chive and pork dumplings.

A pipe afterwards smoked under an awning somewhere.
Then home again and back to bed.

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