Friday, December 24, 2021


The term 金鴞軍 ("golden owl army") occurs in a Japanese song. I have scant clue what it means. Something mythical and historic. I would imagine a battle standard is meant. Possibly the bird is in reference to the three legged crow (八咫烏 'baat ji wu', Yatagarasu; "eight span crow"), which represents the sun (and echoes the ancient offering tripods). Saam juk wu (三足烏). Also 金烏 ('kam wu'). Reading up on this became a complicated hairy rabbit hole I wished to explore no further. Suffice to say that it leads to the 大嘴烏鴉 ('daai cheui wu ngaa'; corvus macrorhynchos, the big beaked jungle crow). A very attractive pesky bird.

That was over eight wikipedia articles. Excluding the ones in Chinese. No Dutch, Indonesian, or German pages were consulted.

Perky omnivores that like sparkly things and make disturbing noises.

Sounds like someone I know.

Yesterday evening my apartment mate and my downstairs neighbor were happily gabbing seasonal stuff at each other. I'm fairly sure her husband remained out of sight deliberately, being like myself not a Cantonese American woman born in San Francisco.
In fact, neither he nor I are Cantonese American.

Or women.

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