Sunday, December 19, 2021


For some reason I remembered the time a woman at a bar pulled out her breast and started massaging it at me, asking "does my femininity threaten you?" No, I cannot remember what the breast looked like or which one of two possibles it was. I'm sure it was more or less breast-like, and situated somewhere on her body. I can remember the environment in which it happened much more clearly. I haven't been there in over two decades.

I find the existence of breasts to be both intellectually and numerically stimulating.

Variables: surface texture, temperature, resistance, hue(s), dimensions, and size.

But her feminity did not threaten me. Until that moment I didn't realize that the subject was up for discussion, although I was aware that she was female or at least had the correct general characteristics to qualify in that regard. And because I was in a relationship at that time I felt the need to cut the conversation short and disassociate myself perhaps more pressingly then than at present. I am not in a relationship now, and have not seen an actual breast in years.

I would still cut the conversation short and disassociate myself given similar circumstances such as those under which the breast was presented. There are better times and places for breast presentation. More suitable and appropriate times and places.

For some strange reason I think a measure of privacy might be good.
Plus well-meaning positive or reassuring chit-chat beforehand.

The issue is deserving of thought.

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