Friday, December 17, 2021


Covid 19 couldn't have shown up at a better time. At least, for me personally. Healthwise, 2017, 18, and 19 were horrible years. At present I am mostly recovered from that, though I may have lost a few friends who couldn't understand that ill-health does not make Jack a happy camper, and is not conducive to the little miss Sunshine positivity and validation that they craved.
I am, almost unreservedly, positively impressed by modern medical care.
As represented by the excellent staff as SF Chinese Hospital.
Who saved my hash a number of times.

They also provided Covid vaxxes to the locals. I got both of my shots there. The booster was at a CVC on California Street. But because breakthroughs are possible, AND because I do not want to be part of anyone's chain of transmission, I wear a mask when out of the house.
Which a number of stupid people mostly white don't do.

That's why this isn't anywhere near over.

Another one of my friends, fully vaxxed and boostered too, has Covid. Much closer to home, one of my apartment mate's coworkers has been suspended for refusing to get vaccinated.
I hope it's not indefinite. A termination is required, BEFORE he catches it and croaks.

I have no tolerance for anti-vaxxers, and little patience for anti-maskers.

In particular, the white tourists wandering around a neighborhood where there are plenty of little children (Chinatown), vulnerable old people (Chinatown), and people living in packed quarters (Chinatown), should probably be smacked upside the head when they go mask-free.
Tourism brought Covid to the United States.

If you are a tourist during a pandemic, you are a dumbass.

Can we put a barbed wire fence around the airport?
And electrify it for good measure?
If not, why not?

In other news, little girl, if someone from the Mid-West licks the top of your head feigning friendship, you are quite justified in stabbing him.
Or her.

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