Sunday, December 12, 2021


Here's a little fairy tale for the kiddiewinkies. Because this is the time of year when we think of them. Gaiety, light, and joyfulness. But it's also for grown-ups. They can dig it too.


Oh, it was going to be so lovely! She had looked forward to this day for weeks! Her friends would be there, it would be cheerful and gay, and everyone would have a good time!
The prospect of happy songs and cheerful banter brought a smile to her face.
She hadn't see anybody in so long. So long!
Drinks, snackies, tobacco!
She couldn't wait to show off her new toy. A churchwarden.
It was very Gandalfian, even though too big for her.
She expected to grow into it eventually.

She had baked a lovely cake, because it was such a special day! It had taken hours to do, and she was exceptionally pleased with the result. Pistacchio, with marzipan icing! They'd love it.
There might also be some sprightly seasonal dancing!
But it rained. And no one came.
It was so lonely.
She wept.
Hopelessness, despair, and disconsolation.

It was supposed to be the monthly meeting of the pipe club today, but no one showed up. Instead I got to listen to cigar yutzes screaming at the television all afternoon.
Yeah, that was thrilling.

Maybe they were all hung-over from Santa con in SF yesterday?
I can see that. Alcoholic tendencies and decadence.
All sprightly seasonally danced out.

At least the other day one of the senile old crotchets had a bathroom accident which required cleaning up. It was an exciting day. Today, because of the rain and the football game and traffic upbuggery on the freeway, the only relief was a burrito con carnitas y salsa picante sin frijoles, which I had with Cholula hot sauce and Sriracha.

Preceded and followed by bowlfuls of Cornell & Diehl's House Reserve 2021, which proved very enjoyable. It would have been peaceful, but there were illiterates watching sports.

There was hardly any decent conversation.


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