Friday, December 24, 2021


One of the things that bothers me is the huge number of unmasked people on the streets, as well as the unmasked visitors in Chinatown. It is both socially responsible and good manners to wear a mask -- the immuno-compromised and the under vaccine-age are at risk when you do not do so -- and, what with being rather antisocial myself as well as on the spectrum, it is extremely irritating when I see the casual attitude of so many people.
So many of my fellow white people.
Infuriating, even.

Look, I know many of you are pot-smoking barely sentient self-entitled alcoholics and deviants. 
That's a white folks thing, and you can't stop it. You don't want to.
Could you please be less so? In public?

Oh, and the fact that flights have been cancelled over Covid? And trips called off? Jolly good! Please stay at home. Wherever that is. You can keep your infectiousness in Alabama or Missouri, don't bring it out here. Stay at home, gather with your kin, and infect them.
I'm sure the ICU in Mongrel Turd, Missississippippi will welcome you.

We're not all in this together. Your behaviour for over a year has shown that some of you have no brains and cannot give a damn. Which is okay. You be you. In your own part of the swamp. We might sigh a little oh dear when you're intubated, but as long as you stay in Buttafuaca, Illinois, it won't affect us, and only your equally dingo neighbors will notice, mostly.

Oh, and keep watching the blathering nutballs on Fox. We know it makes you feel comfortable and good about yourselves -- lord knows you need that when the football season ends -- and it will keep you quiescent while your hospitals collapse and everyone in the old folks home dies.

Poor cousin Brad and his lovely wife Karen got arrested for storming Washington, and might catch Covid in the federal pen? Uncle Bubba is intubated and has bedsores? So sad, so sad.
Can't afford heating oil this winter let's go to California? Please don't.
Y'all can freeze to death perfectly fine where you are.
Eat your Smithfield Pork Product. By happy!

For crapsakes, morons, mask up.

Oh and merry Xmas.

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