Thursday, December 02, 2021


One of the reasons I despise American Christianity is because I'm a frightful effing snob, and television preachers are the absolute epitome of white trash. So naturally I should be overjoyed that another one of their number, anti-vaxxer and righwing blowtard Marcus Lamb, president and CEO of Daystar Television Network, kicked the bucket recently because of Covid.
But really, it's sad, so sad ... he left behind his loving wife Joni and three children ...

Alexa, play 'Despacito' for me.

Yeah, no, screw them all and their camels. Between the religious nuts, rightwingers, antivax idiots, and the damned tourists spreading new variants around the world, it's no wonder that this ain't over by a long shot.

Get this straight, boyos: American Christianity consists overwhelmingly of repulsive heresies, from the Papists all the way to the Mormons, including the Baptists, Methodists, Adventists, Fundamentalists, and Charismatics. In a just and righteous universe they would be wiped entirely from society and their various dominions cleansed by fire.

They are garbage, and their ideas are garbage.

And I say this as an atheist.

My ancestors didn't come here to practice religious tolerance, they were fleeing a campaign of extermination by the Spanish on behalf of Rome. The Dutch fought an eighty year war for their independence and survival. The Dutch West Indies Company which founded New York (New Amsterdam) had, as part of their warrant, pursuit of the struggle against the Spanish and treacherous other European nations aiding and abetting them.

The direct descendent of a man who had to leave Brabant because of the Spaniards and their religious fervor landed in the new world in 1630. So don't even think of preaching that smarmy "we're all God's chillun" pretence at pluralism at me. It's only purpose is so that y'all can be backstabbing two-faced hypocrites. Religion must have NO place in politics.

One cannot associate with people who hold otherwise.

This country is fast becoming a shithole.

Let's stop pretending it isn't.

Merry Xmas, bitches.

Damn' Texans.

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