Thursday, December 16, 2021


A printed flyer in my mailbox tells me of a brand new service that will provide me with food, groceries, and necessities within minutes. All I have to do is download the app and enter in my first order. Twenty dollars off! A fully stocked grocery van or truck will come whizzing up to my door. It's easy and convenient.

On the other hand, I'm looking at a box of double chocolate lava biscuits ("biskut berinti krim coklat") made by a Japanese company in Malaysia ("buatan Malaysia"), purchased at my favourite Chinatown provisioners which is staffed by several real people, which besides a large selection of dry nibblesome bits also has rice, noodles, throat lozenges, pocky sticks.
Plus diverse hot sauces and chilipastes.

As well as smokes. The brand that all old geezers like: lok to pai yin chai.

A real flesh and blood retail establishment just minutes away.

Double chocolate! "Elegant crispy cookies filled with soft choco". Until I found them while happily browsing, I did not know that I needed them. I was looking for sambal.
I'm fairly certain that there is no downloadable app for sambal.

Regarding those Camel cigarettes, I should mention that more doctors smoke Camels than any other cigarette. Yes, in a repeated national survey, doctors in all branches of medicine, in all parts of the country, when asked "what cigarette do YOU smoke", unsurprisingly answered Camels. Why don't you try Camels for an entire month, to see what a smooth rich tasting cigarette can do for your smoking enjoyment?

It's professionally recommended.

Here's a Christmas idea: instead of panetone, give people on your list a carton of smokes (fine Turkish and domestic blend) and a box of biskut berinti krim coklat.
They'll be pleasantly surprised.

Normally I have a cup of tea and a snackie poo after shopping in Chinatown. But I had had lunch, a full bowl of tobacco, and finished visiting the shops way before tea time. So after watching a street person getting rousted from doorway where he had already repeatedly been told not to plonk himself and fester, I simply came home and fixed myself a hot cup milk tea here.

No, I didn't open the box of Double Chocos. Waiting for my apartment mate to come home.
So that she can share them with the stuffed animals.

The ciggies are in case I bump into a doctor.
Who doesn't like chocolate lava cookies.
Some of them are weird that way.

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