Sunday, May 15, 2022


Yesterday someone chided me for my lack of faith in people. Which is well-deserved; I have very little trust in their common sense. There were over twenty people on the bus back from Marin this evening blithely maskless. Going to work this morning, the same pudgy constant coughing no mask dude as yesterday. If I said what I really thought about the human race right now, Facebook would ban me for a month again.

Here in the United States many, probably most, of my fellow human beings are Caucasian. And a very large number of them are dumber than horse shit.

On the other hand, while I enjoy my work, and the splendid opportunities for interacting with humans that comes with it, I also thoroughly enjoy my time off. Also interaction with humans, but the food is a lot better. No more suburban kibble, but real stuff to eat. Chili pork (daging babi masak tjabai), or saoto with little fried patties and noodles, or Vietnamese noodle soup, or heading over to a chachanteng for something over rice with plenty sambal on the side, or something di-guleh, dengan rempah rempah, or masak hong siu, or fresh seafood soup, or, or, or ........ not suburban bland and boring. And apparently dipping raw vegetables in chili paste or putting hot sauce on salad is not "American".

When I worked down in Menlo Park years ago I had the same problem. Brought my own condiments to work and packed half a dozen raw chilies every day to benefit digestion.
Dinner tonight had both salsa AND sambal. It was lipsmackingly good. If I ever end up in a relationship again, this might present a problem. My kisses might leave her cheeks burning.

Somehow, a relationship seems marginally more likely than an extended sojourn in the rest of the country (parts of New Mexico are an exception), where the food is boring, people talk funny, and everyone is overweight. Mississippi is entirely out of the question, so are Texas and Florida.

Apparently the most exciting edibles in Missippi are fish pakoras without chutney or jhol, Texas has Frito Pie and corn dogs, and in Florida it's dead mouse on a stick at DeSantis World.

Ranch dressing is available everywhere.
America's favourite condiment.


I am not a bigot, I have nothing against Miss'pians, Texans, and Floridans! Some of my best friends, you know. And they've taught me so much! Their cultures are so fascinating. Without square dancing, fried catfish, banjos, and Cuban sammiches, where would this country be?


PS.: I'm always in a mood after my work week. I'll be sunny and people-loving again tomorrow. Full of the milk of human kindness, a veritable paragon. Trust me.

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