Friday, May 13, 2022


Yesterday was a first; not a single maskless person on the bus. Which would have been truly amazing if they had all been white, but including myself there were just three of us among over twenty Chinese Americans. The bus back from my tea-time jaunt was, however, filled with office workers, mostly bright young mid-twenties, probably employed by law offices and a few investement firms, and consequently over a dozen people were not wearing masks.

So nice that law office clerks have decided that little children are expendable. Leastways a small price to pay for their precious freezums. Especially small ethnic children. Because in this city, little white kiddies get taxied everywhere by their parents or the Central American nannies, and most of the little tykes on the busses are consequently non-white.

Law office staff equals very important people and their freezums.

Their employers have no doubt told them that they can't be held responsible for incidental exposure to covid, and not to worry; those are just brown little people.
In any case, there are so many of them!


Before the bus gets to Chinatown, it passes Embarcadero numbers two, three, and four. Where there are just sheer tonnes of law offices.

It crosses Battery, Sansome, and Montgomery; more law offices! Plus banks, and a few investment companies. It would be fairly pointless to list the names of all those downtown offices, because you can easily look them up yourself, and I don't want to get sued.
The important zip codes are 94111, 94104, and 94105.
All of the Embarcadero offices are the first.

Again, per the office workers, little children are quite superfluous.
Especially all those ethnic ones.

Law offices ...

I've worked in several of those law offices.
Believe me, there's a lot of trash there.
Many hail from very Wasp areas.
Others are wannabees.

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