Friday, May 06, 2022


No, I do not know if there is any practical use for cube shaped wombat faeces. Not do I wish to research the matter. It's totally cool that it comes out as a cube, though. That's the sign of a practical and detail-oriented marsupial. Kudos, little cube dumper, kudos!

When everyone in Australia is dead from Covid, there will be cubic poo everywhere.

Nor do I intend to find out about booger museums, or artifacts made out of earwax.

Truly, conversations with someone getting their first caffeine in the morning can be unusual. The booger museum and the earwax art I had already heard about. But cubic marsupial poo, and whether that can be used as building blocks, is a new one. I would imagine that wombat poo is about as functional as Legos, and that Australians probably let their children play with it. Don't stumble over the wombat poo in the dark when you pad toward the kitchen barefoot in the middle of the night for some Fosters. Or, if you do, don't wake up your husband by swearing. Chin up, keep a stiff upper lip, and take it like a woman!

We didn't win the war by crying over cubic scat.

My aparment mate's mind goes from zero to one hundred upon waking in the morning. Mine sadly only goes to eleven. It takes me awhile to be fully sparking. The machinery needs to warm up, the engine needs to idle for a while.
The bird isn't on the wing till I stumble out for that first pipe of the day, and even then. It's like stale pizza. Unappetizing when cold. Good lord wombat poo.

By the way, it doesn't matter that the large size coffee at Starbucks is twenty fluid ounces (venti=20), it's still garbage. An eight ounce cup of decent coffee would be infinitely more appealing. It's like wombat poo; they should strive for perfection.

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