Wednesday, March 16, 2022


In addition to going to Chinatown for snackies and milk tea, I also shop there for essential supplies. Today that meant potato chips. Italian Red Meat Flavour (意大利香浓紅烩味), Green Sichuan Peppercorn Flavour (青花椒味), and Cucumber Flavour (黃瓜味). That last is ESSENTIAL, because some of my coworkers have never even heard of it.
It is crispy crunchy fried refreshing goodness!

意大利香濃紅燴味 ('yi daai lei heung hung wui mei'; "Italian fragrant red stew taste") and 青花椒味 ('ching faa jiu mei'; "green flower pepper taste") are for my apartment mate. She did not like the cucumber (黃瓜味 'wong gwaa mei'; "yellow cucurbit or gourd taste"). And she's Chinese! "Woman, you are supposed to love this!" But strangely, no.

Naturally I am wondering how my coworkers will react.

Not everything I bring back from Chinatown will be a hit. The salted egg yolk flavour (鹹蛋黃味 'haam daan wong mei') were, probably because of that lovely combination of richness and subtlety. Some of the snacky cakes with a shelf-life of ten thousand years, suitable for your fall-out shelter or earthquake preparedness kit, weren't. I am still refusing to take them to work to get them out of the house because I like them and refuse to share them.

In any case, I refuse to discuss how things taste with people from a country that invented seasonal pumpkin pie flavoured coffees and donuts, marshmallow vodka, grape koolaid, and green donuts for Saint Patrick's Day. It's pointless.

Oh, and ranch dressing on pizza!


Two pipes were smoked in Chinatown today.
One after lunch, one after tea.

You should be happy to know that I do not own a single pouch of Captain Black Grape OR Captain Black Watermelon pipe tobacco -- bizarre products which are staggeringly popular tobaccos somewhere in this country -- but instead both bowls were filled with Greg Pease's 'Embarcadero', which is a flake rather in the English tradition. Restrained, natural tasting, flue-cured leaf with a diplomatic addition of fine Turkish, very Oxford-Cambridge.

I think Hobbits smoke the two Captain Black blends I mentioned.
Probably because there is no ranch dressing Cavendish.
Such as J. R. R. Tolkien favoured.
Creamed hobbit.


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