Tuesday, March 08, 2022


Years ago many of the essays on this blog were pro-Israel, to the great joy of many readers. Who of course no longer come around, because I voted for Obama and uttered some critical words about Bibi Netanyahu and Geert Wilders. One of them (Zvi) commented: "Your actually a nasty little man, do you know that? An unpleasant narrow and opinionated antisemite. Why don't you just die?"

[Others who I have no reason to ever deal with again: Abe, Akiva, Alon, Amit, Ari, Avigdor, Barry, Baruch, Bea, Ben, Benji, Bentziyon, Bert, Berny, Chayim, Chris, Dan, David, David, Dove, Drorit, Eli, George, Haim, Hezzy, Ivan, J.J., Jack, Jack, Jack, Joshua, Justin, Kovel, Mark, Mathew, Melody, Melvin, Miriam, Mordechai, Nachman, Nancy, Pavel, Pinchas, Randy, Reuven, Rivki, Robin, Robin, Robert, Robert, Robert, Ron, Shanie, Sherman, Shimon, Shloime, Shlomo, Shlomo, Shmuel, Shoshana, Simcha, Susan S. in Jerusalem, Toviah, Thyme, Yaakov, Yank, Yerach, Yevgeny, Yoisif, Yosef, Zach, Zeb.]

I still unfondly remember being called a "goy well trained in Christian Talmudic criticism".
That's a high point, along with being a 'self-hating Jew, like many liberals'.
As well as "extremely neurotic" and "woke".

"Your actually a nasty little man, do you know that? An unpleasant narrow and opinionated antisemite. Why don't you just die?"

A charming sentiment. One of the people who is still a Facebook friend accused me of having turned on her and the gang several years ago. Which isn't accurate, I simply got tired of being too liberal for the die-hards, too Jewy for the end of times crowd, too Goyish for the Russian lady and her pals, and too Nazi for the lefties. One cannot please everybody.
A very similar pattern bubbled to the surface on several mailing lists; I am no longer a member of any mailing lists. One which I rather miss at times is the Suriname Mailing List, which had its moments, but then I remember the flood of sickening anti-American spew that came through regularly, from people in the Netherlands who didn't know bupkes about this country ......

I've changed. I no longer tolerate ignorant rear ends so much.

I haven't visited the East Bay in nearly a decade.

I refuse to become involved.

I am too pissy.

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