Monday, March 14, 2022


So it turns out a lot of evangelicals are peeved because Pixar's movie 'Turning Red' is NOT about coming to Jesus, but apparently all about menstruation and maxi pads or something. They can't relate, because their daughters ain't gonna have those heathen periods ever. They're really upset. Also, too much womanhood! Might turn you lesbian.

Um. I don't think we're on the same page.

Don't know what page they're on.

Gonna have to see it now.

Bloody evangers.
Personally, I think those verkrampte evangelicks are reading too much into this, and getting their knickers in a twist over a minor butterfly that exists in their own bloody minds. They've got maxi pads on the brain. Plus their own fundy guilt or traumas.
Jesus angst embedded in their shrivelled souls.
Some of us just like puff balls.

Puff balls!

Not having seen the movie, I can only imagine that the menstrual period and teenage boy bands in a fairy tale Toronto are a thing. Sounds goofy, but whatever.

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