Tuesday, March 15, 2022


It fills me with great joy that per recent research the province of the Netherlands where we spent several years after moving overseas, where in fact many of my ancestors were distantly from, is NOT the most alcoholic territory in the country. North Brabant is slightly above average, but Overijsel is highly dysfunctional. Life is grim there, with nothing but cabbage and fried rats for dinner, and buckets of very bad beer and firewater to wash it all down and deaden the dullness. Poor liquour sodden in-bred peasants.
Neener, neener, neener.

The town where we lived (Valkenswaard, N-BR.) at one point had a few hundred drinking establishments for scarcely thirty thousand people. Reason being that the natives were a very social bunch. As well as given to breaking laws and engaging in smuggling activities because of the nearby border. Cheerful and engaging criminals.

I have never met anyone from Overijsel.
They aren't that social.

There are twelve provinces in the Netherlands, plus overseas territories. Overijsel's share of the GNP is less than six percent. Proving that the natives are unproductive, and probably tipsy most of the time. The dialect they speak is unintelligible, and possibly Welsh.
Sadly, Overijsel is not known for food, painting, music, or literature.

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