Friday, March 04, 2022


Kind of like what an alien would think chocolate tastes like. Dry, stale, and pale. This was the apartment mate's judgement of a snackie poo that I had picked up at my favourite Chinatown grocery store. My remonstrance that it had "lovely packaging!" fell on deaf ears. She's Chinese American. She knows cynical bullpuckey when she hears it. My protestations that it had "lovely packaging" were obviously precisely that. 朱古力味奶油餅。Jyu gu lik! Wow!

Because, of course, I had bought it because of the packaging.

Sort of enchanting and bewitching.

It's not too bad.

There are times when her taste buds and my tastebuds don't point in the same direction. For instance, she says that carrots taste "soapy". Which never struck me. And I like chilies, in quantities that would give her nightmares. Sriracha is one of my favourite vegetables.

She wants me to bring the chocolate things to work with me, but these things are too good for those effers in the backroom. They don't deserve alien chocolate!
Besides, Chinese tastes and western tastes don't entirely coincide.

She's very American in some regards. Native born.

We'll just have to agree to disagree.

I'm from outer space.

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