Wednesday, March 30, 2022


Another social media platform robotically reminds me of a recipe from a year ago. Which is perfect for cold weather such as we have today, and therefore needs to be reposted.
So that you are also reminded.

['haa jeung jing ng faa yiuk']

One pound streaky pork belly.
One or two inches ginger, slivered.
Two TBS sherry.
One to two TBS shrimp paste.
Half Tsp. sugar.
A dash of Worcestershire sauce.
Minced scallion.

Cut the pork into chopstickable chunks, rub with the sugar and shrimp paste. Arrange in a flat bowl, add everything else, and place in a steamer over a roiling boil.
Steam for an hour, then remove and strew scallion over.
Serve with white rice and vegetables.

Potatoes or a hot and toasty baguettte are also good.
As with everything, add sambal to youor plate.

Yes, doing this often, or anything similar, might make the entire apartment building smell like a flop-house near Mabini Street. Which would chase away the Australian tourists, but they're drunk eighty percent of the time anyway and incapable of intelligent conversation.

Well, we think they are. We don't know. They're unintelligible.

Good thing those American tourists don't stay here. They're over at the Deluxe Hospitality Sweets International, a concrete dump which a well-written tourist site funded entirely by several local businessmen consistently gave a six star rating (five is good, six is better), swilling sudsy fake beer and complaining about the heat and humidity why doesn't the government DO something good effing gracious how can these people live here it's not like Detroit and have you seen what comes out of the tap but at least there's steak (actually tough inedible Batangas beef pounded the bejazus out of with a mallet after salting) and ketchup (which they would be shocked to know was made out of bananas, vinegar, and enough red food colouring to up your cancer chances tenfold) but why do they server rice at every meal why can't we have decent fries and these cigarettes and this coffee don't taste like the exact same brand back in Missouri lets go to the MacDonalds near the hospital on hermowhatsis not the one near the Mary Johnston Hospital in that skeevy part of the city hey isn't there one near the Metropolitan Medical Center on 'Mac Sanky' why are there hospitals everywhere here they probably get sick a lot here it must be their national past time look at the size of that gecko OMG it's eating the smaller one like a cheezit!
Say, is the game on? What time is it going to be?

Myself, I'm heading into Chinatown early for lunch. Fish, veg, rice, hotsauce, soup, and a hot cup of milk tea. Might scope out the local butcher shops for the right cut of meat afterwards. I've got plenty of ginger and other stuffs already, and none of the white butchers nearby would have a clue what I'm after. I'm looking forward to some warmer weather.
This gloom and cold have gotten boring.
When you mostly have to smoke outside, the San Francisco climate palls.
I find myself swearing a lot at weather conditions.
And I need more caffeine.

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