Thursday, March 10, 2022


It is with some regret (not a whole lot) that I again realize that I do not understand or share modern standards of feminine beauty. What brought it to the fore was a music video at the place where I had lunch. A female singer, Chinese, classic oval face ivory skin, slim and winsome. Who looked unappealing and altogether dull against the backdrop of a night time street scene in Hong Kong. It was a romantic ballad.

At a table in the middle of the room were three elderly ladies leisurely enjoying their meal together. Lazily their chopsticks drifted over the dishes, picking out morsels. Their conversation was not understandable from my distance, though one or two phrases in the silence between lyrics told me they spoke Cantonese. They were happy. And looked beautiful in consequence.

The waitress was pleased to see an old friend come in, and had been in a good mood before hand, probably because the kvetchy old biddy who is one of the regulars was not there.

A pleasure to watch.

On the other hand, pricess Di and the Mona Lisa look like total drips.

In movies where they cast the classic beauty as the heroine, the acting is often amateurish and the plot predictable. Sadly, the movie has the same intellect as the "beauties" in the lime light.

Exception being some movies with Marilyn Monroe.
On the other hand, a film starring the obsessed and clearly brilliant woman in this illustration would be well worth watching. Insane, but riveting. You'd blinkily stumble out of the theatre either swearing to never eat chips again, or you would go on a desperate hunt for them. Either way, fence sitting would NOT be part of the programme; chips are the most important things in the universe!

Do NOT disturb the woman eating chips. She will cripple you.

Same goes for women with ice cream, by the way.

I brought home three bags of potato chips: fried crab flavour, dried fish, and egg yolk. Sadly, they were out of cucumber flavour. The apartment mate bought cheddar sour cream.
And there is a smörgåsbord of icecream in the refrigerator.
We appreciate beauty.

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