Friday, March 25, 2022


There are times I dread going to work. Especially now that the unspeakable troll has lost most of the decency he ever had. Whenever he's infesting the backroom ragging on R the subcontinental or slandering democrats / liberals / transgenders / humans, the noise level rises comensurate with his moronic vitriol, and the other farty layabouts if not sitting there basking in the warm glow of shared stupidity and hate will enthusiastically egg him on.

When the turkey vulture (Sydney Fylbert) speaks of harvesting fatty inner thighs from old useless men, and urges me to do so among that crowd, I resist. That might not last.

It would be the best use for the toxic waste brained crowd festering there.

They are the Limburger cheese among humans.

And they're getting worse.

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