Wednesday, March 23, 2022


Per the apartment mate, who has been somewhat obsessed lately, "Harry is the one with the frizzy red hair, beard, and that disgruntled look in his eyes; the one who married that bitch." And the bitch, you will recall, is a manipulative psychopath. I should mention that I have scant interest in these people. I'm just glad they don't live anywhere near me.
Finding out about them is partly what the internet age is for.

My apartment mate doesn't Twitter, Tiktok, or Facebook. She reads the news, AITA, and watches Youtube. And e-mails her siblings and a few old friends regularly.

Neither one of us text or stare at our cellular devices.
The cellphones never leave the building.

We're not teenagers.

Unlike her, I use Facebook. Because I tend to be a bit blunt, there have been a number of times my account was on hold (so-called community standards), so I tend to be a bit careful what I say now....... If I offend people who then report me, I would prefer to know who they are so that I can 'unfriend' the bastards.

A lot of the people whose FB posts I see are pipesmokers, many of whom are males in the after thirties range. Some significantly so. Most of us have similar points of view, but widely differing interests. I've also joined groups that like pet rats, cats, red pandas, badgers, bats, hamsters, and octopodi, political and medical shitposting groups, pro-vax groups, science and linguistic groups, and a few rather juvenile closed circles which are very amusing.
A few of the people with whom I have real-world interactions are FB friends. Which is rather remarkable. Especially because they seldom if ever drink Hong Kong milk tea, mostly don't smoke pipes, and probably rarely talk to stuffed animals.

It would surprise the heck out of me if I encountered any of them in this neighborhood between six and seven in the morning with a pipe, or down in C'town around teatime.
There is a divergence in the matrix.

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