Thursday, March 10, 2022


Sometimes I'm reminded of how far we've come as a civilization. We all remember the seventies and eighties, when life was different and carefree, filled with good things to eat, dolphins, and sensible choices. Choices that we didn't worry about too much.

The entire world embraced the California life style, drank affordable whisky marketed as quality liquour, and wore synthetic fabric clothing that was deliciously form fitting. McNuggets hadn't been invented yet. The Ford Pinto was America's motor vehicle.
Everyone was white and had blue eyes.
Rocks rolled.

The path to salvation was through glossy print, affordable plastics, thigh masters, feathered hair, and dancing to disco music while saying things like 'shazbot' and 'na nu na nu'.

Quality television shows! Dukes Of Hazard, Three's Company Too, Lawrence Whelk!
And who can possibly forget 'The A-Team'?
Only da fool!

Gosh, the Reagan Era was fun.
In retrospect, it was all about style, enlightened living, and good taste.

Every thing since then has just gotten better and better.

Just like they promised it would.

By golly.

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