Wednesday, March 30, 2022


After lunch and shopping I swung into a favourite bakery for teatime. Placed my order with the waitress.
Cup of milk tea, and a slice of lemon Swiss roll cake. 一杯奶茶,同一塊檸檬瑞士卷蛋糕。 'Yat pui naai chaa tong yat faai ning mong seui si kuen daan gou'. And while she went to get the tea, an old grannie who had heard me order bought the last three pieces! 唔天經地義! (well, *&^%$!)!!! Despite the old lady and her grandson making off with what I wanted, I ended up having a pleasant mid-afternoon pause. When I left I lit up and slowly wandered toward the bus stop at Kearny and Sacramento, admiring a crazy person in Portsmouth square having an argument with invisible people on the way.

There are now THREE bags of funky Asian chip flavours on my apartment mate's chair, waiting for her to come home after work. Whereupon the turkey vulture will claim that he brought them to give to her. Yep. Had to shlep them all the way from wherever, so hard so hard, he needs to be appreciated and rewarded dammit. With a scrumptious little girl hamster who looks just like a tasty meatball!
Whereupon the aura of menace will fiercely commence.

Little girl hamsters do NOT look yummy meat snacks!
The gates of hell will open up if you persist.

The only thing that keeps the turkey vulture from being ripped to bloody shreds is the Senior Teddy Bear's basic humanity.

Ms. Bruin would have made short work of some ancient biddy snagging the slice of lemon Swiss roll cake if she had seen it first. I wish I was nearly as impressive.

The pipe smoked afterwards was lovely.
Red Virginias, touch of Perique. A perfect end to a productive afternoon.

In the news, recently: The rattlesnakes are about earlier than usual, there have been a few suburban sightings this year by mid-March. Normally it would be April or later. We provide a warm, nurturing, and hospitable environment for all manner of creatures in the Bay Area.
Just watch out for the old ladies.

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