Thursday, August 04, 2022


According to the gangster regime in Peking, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's visit to Taiwan was "manic, irresponsible, (and) irrational". One rather wishes those fools would shut up, as they apparently have nothing meaningful to say, and are an embarrassment to more mature people. "What's that horrid noise?" "Oh, that's just communist China having a tantrum, pay it no mind."

It's like a baby throwing spaghetti over the floor.
Pooh should remember that in one sense full diplomatic relations mean extremely little; the people's republic is a source of trade, and a regrettable infiltrator on most college campuses, whereas The Republic Of China (On Taiwan) is a strategic partner and a long-time ally with whom we have deep ties and a meaningful friendship.

Many of the princelings of the red second generation have full stomachs and nothing better to do than point fingers and cause headaches. Maybe it's high time to send them back to the countryside?


It is not likely that there will be any significant changes during the next party conference (中國共產黨第二十次全國代表大會; 『 二十大』). The entrenched corrupt old guard has 'interests' to protect. They're kind of like the Republic Party bigwigs coddling Trump.

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