Thursday, August 04, 2022


In an editorial that places him squarely in the same camp as the Chinese Foreign Ministry, the local editor at SF Gate lambasts Nancy Pelosi for visiting Taiwan. One would suspect him as being a paid foreign agent. Or at least hand-in-glove/turd-in-pants with the chaps at the consulate and spy nest down at 1450 Laguna Street, San Francisco, CA 94115.
Out of touch with the sentiment of real people in any case.

He's sure to be wined and dined royally if he ever visits the mainland.

As if his obsequious pandering to the regime in Peking wasn't enough, he also takes a swipe at one of our major allies, writing "South Korea, which is still in the infancy of an attempted democracy because, for decades, America propped up the country's murderous slate of dictators." Slavoj Szizek could have written that. One suspects that he may have friends in Moscow, Belgrado, or Pyongyang. Might want a position there.

Several cheap jabs, and casual acceptance that China is monumentally tyranical ("Of course, China is committing human rights violations. The country's treatment of the Uyghur people, for instance, is broadly considered to be a genocide") do not speak well, or at all, of his perspective and impartiality.

A review of previous essays shows that he tends to cavalierly piss on everything he can, and should never have been promoted from the sports desk. But he's hip and with it. So he'll go far. Especially with his friends.

I did not know that SF Gate so valued readership at the consulate, or was in partnership with "local" Chinese newspapers pandering to Peking.

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