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Literature, we are told, broadens our horizons and provides tools and structure for dealing with life, both the ups and downs. From exposure to another culture's great prose works we learn what moves them and has significance in their world. Which tells me that, in Japan, the monster that keeps getting up again behind you is the principal of your high school, preteen lesbian crushes with the cat daemon you live with are common, the smaller the child the more clever and evil its praestations, and good roast pork buns are better than breasts.
Or very similar to them. In any case, watch out for foreigners. Huge pork buns!

Or so manga and anime would have you believe.

I was in Japan once. Years before manga and anime prepared me for the experience. It had something to do with whisky. Strangely, no one there had cat ears or a large scaly reptilian tale dragging behind them under their skirt. But I just may have ignored all that so as not to stand out. I did not pay attention to breasts while there.

There are two internet-fueled "holidays" in Japan which are "unique".

August 1: Boob Day.
November 8: Nice Boobs Day.

Okaaaaay ... (steps back hurriedly from "Japan"). It does NOT help that the second day of August is 'Nice Panties Day'. That too is mighty disturbing.

The Japanese are a festive people.

Be afraid, be very afraid.

Here, as an example of the healthier and saner side of Japan, is an intriguing clip from Sakamoto Desu Ga, a series about a cool high school student worthy of emulation. It presents a side of Japan which does NOT feature breasts, brassières, panties, or supernatural entities with unrepressed indecent tendencies.



All of this is pursuant a recent fondness for Funwari Sucre, please understand. Little snacky cakes that consist of a delicious vanilla creme sandwiched between two poofy biscuits. Funwari means "fluffy". So then, 'fluffy and somewhat French sugar cookies.

They are delicious and suitable for sharing with the perverted supernatural entity who lives with you in that surprisingly large urban townhouse over cups of tea.

I shall not speculate about your living arrangements.

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