Wednesday, August 31, 2022


My doctor put me on certain meds over three years ago. So I asked him at that time if, all things considered, I could still indulge in coffee. The answer was a cheery "oh go ahead, it's full of antioxidants, good for you". The news this week is that regular consumption of tea is a good thing and decreases the chances of dying. Which was already known, of course, but now there has been even more research. Tea also has antioxidants.

Coffee and tea are my recreational drugs of choice. I cut out alcohol entirely (could react with one of my meds to wreck my liver), and have changed the subject whenever anyone mentions tobacco. Because reasons.

Start the day with two cups of coffee. Maintain cruising altitude throughout the day with tea. Sometimes Hong Kong Milk Tea. More tea (strong) in the evening, or another cup of coffee.
One of the likely side effect of my medication is stronger more intense dreams. Combine that with the caffeine late in the day, and the results are ... interesting.

Generally speaking, both coffee and tea have beneficial effects on the digestive organs, in moderation. But the diuretic effects of coffee are more marked, the "high" provided by tea seems to be somewhat longer lasting.

That may account for so many office-Americans being coffee heads. They're full of something, which needs to come out. Coffee prompts peristalsis.
And they need to talk about sports for hours.
Or Real Housewives.

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