Wednesday, August 03, 2022


Have you ever wondered what life would be like without White People? Well, today I found out. The only time I had to deal with them was while shaving (there was one in the mirror), at Walgreens upping my transit card and buying Russell Stover chocolates, and on the bus back home. The people who cooked my lunch (pepper sauce porkchops with brown gravy over rice; 黑椒豬扒飯), the people who served it to me with soup and milk tea, the other customers in the restaurant while I ate, the cashier and stockwoman at the grocery store and everybody else in the place, the staff at Walgreens, the counter ladies at the bakery and their customers, and the people I actually spoke to or dealt with, were all San Francisco's largest ethnic group. Except while eating or drinking at designated places, they all wore masks.

There were several maskless sociopaths on the bus. White. Of course.

[Many Caucasians ("white people") are infection-spreading cretins like you wouldn't believe. Especially tourists, Midwesterners, and yuppies working in the Financial District. Don't allow them near children and old people.]

So I didn't really need to deal with my fellow white people, except for swearing under my breath in Dutch and Cantonese. It was wonderful. Let me repeat that: wonderful.

I think Russell William Stover may have been white.
Good man. He invented the Eskimo Pie.
I'm fond of his choccies.
The walk through the alleyways with a pipe full of Red Virginia and Perique was quiet and contemplative. Chinatown off the beaten track is a safe peaceful place, where one can be oneself. Having a stout walking stick (blackthorn) for clobbering all-American idiots adds a further sense of confidence. Over the past two plus years, since the pandemic started, I have become significantly less tolerant of all-American stupidity, and the behaviour of the Euries does not inspire me with any positive thoughts either. Surely you remember all those videos of Italian officials screaming that if the populus did not exercise common sense, things would go south very rapidly? They didn't, and it did. From Treasure Island all the way to Constantinople many people acted like idiots.
Many people still do.

Two of my very good friends, who had taken all precautions, had to wait for hours in hospital emergency rooms because of covid-denying unmasked cretins. And it isn't over yet.

If you sense a certain frustration and anger, you are correct.
White people.

At this point I'm perfectly okay with the Red States intercoursing themselves.
Along with the people in the less populated parts of California.
As well as Los Angeles and Orange county.

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