Sunday, August 28, 2022


Regretably, I am in fairly frequent contact with the people who informed me that apple cider vinegar taken regularly would solve all my health issues. Ignoring their advice and sneering at them probably saved my life. Along with getting myself looked at by professionals who actually have real medical degrees. You know, the qualifications that take years to get.

I also ignored the morons who recommended acupuncture, chiropraxis, crystal therapy (rotfl, seriously?) past life regression, or rolfing. As well as the anti-glutenists and vegans.

In the past two plus years there have been a few anti-vaxxers.
Some of them have joined the choir invisible.
For which I remain grateful.

[They died for their faith, in a manner of speaking. Kudos, it's admirable. Stark raving bonkers, but sort of admirable.]

Because I work in Marin, medical morons and their alternative therapies are a conversational hazard. It's not that I distrust everything except accepted science automatically, but I trust my own in depth reading far more than bourgeois voodoo and spiritual meaningfulness.
Vaccinations and Roentgen have saved millions of lives.
Apple cider vinegar saved ... Ketchup.
BTW: "detoxing" is BS.

Every morning I head toward my row of pills.
I am still alive.

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