Tuesday, August 02, 2022


Thanks to the miraculous workings of Facebook, I am reminded of 'Star Virgin', a Japanese movie. Quote: "A super heroine dressed in an atomic bikini sets out to save a friend from monsters, aliens, robots and a villain who wants to destroy Japan." She's probably hepped on Aramin V, an energy drink from Takeda Chemical Industries that Arnold Schwarzenegger advertised forty years ago. In Japanese. Which he doesn't speak. But it's magic and gives you powers. It doesn't give you wings. Bugger wings, you don't need wings. Wings, feh!
You star virgin you. You need a pink atomic bikini.

I am wearing an atomic bikini right now. Oh wait, I didn't have Aramin V, just coffee, my bikini is missing. I am wearing pajama bottoms and a bright yellow cigar brand tee-shirt. Under a grungy bathrobe. Coffee is an old man's drink. I am not a star virgin.

Please imagine Arnie in a pink atomic bikini.

Japan can do that.

Sadly, I have never seen the movie 'Star Virgin'. Despite the undoubted appeal of moe, chibi, and a Japanese girliepooh in a set of pink scanties with metal-grey trim, I feel that character development-wise there may be something missing there, and there are reasons to doubt that anything meaningful is said about the human condition.

Possibly they should have hired a Scandinavian or German director.
Then there would be angst und ein tiefe aussagekraft.

As it is, it has precisely the same intellectual appeal as Lord Of The Rings. Oh jayzus, would ya look at all the purdy purdy!

They really should've cast Arnie in LOTR.

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