Monday, August 29, 2022


Lindsey Graham promised riots in the streets if Trump is indicted. Which was meant as a threat. People naturally remember the last time right wing nutjobs whackos had a tantrum after a Trump setback. But times have changed. We're a democracy again, and if there are riots in the red states with their primitive societies we honestly won't mind. Imagine, for instance, a violent right wing riot in Miami. Or Houston. Quite the quandary, what?

Law enforcement in the red states is sodden with fascists and Nazi sympathizers. In some cases, membership in shadowy rightwing fraternal organizations is vital to advancement within the ranks. Exactly like the Highway Patrol in the hinterland.

Do they call out the National Guard?

Deploy prayer warriors?

This woman?
Yesterday I got to hear the old boys in the backroom hissing and spitting for several hours while soiling their sweat pants over those evil democrats and their shenanigans.

Just take your Metamucil™ and Kaopectate™ boys, and stuff it.

And please stop plugging the toilet.

Eat a banana.

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