Monday, August 01, 2022


Last week he was supposed to return from Arizona, and I worried that he'd be all fired up with the whacko™ from an entire month of submersion among the Trumpite batshit. I dreaded him spending a few hours in the backroom again during my shifts. But it was not to be; he caught covid. So he's been all alone by himself with no one but the internet to talk to.
This may have tipped the poor spam-brained idiot over the edge.
The full Arizona PLUS the dark corners of the web?
A middle-aged Republican from Marin.
Oh dear Jesus!

His dim and distant view of reality may be so distorted that even electro-shock can't cure him, it would be humane to put a bullet through his head. Body bag, nearest bio-hazard landfill.

Anyway, I'm glad he wasn't around. There was enough craziness from those people without him adding hot raw sewage to the mix. And the one rational Republican, smoker of Davidoff Winston Churchill After Hours (black banded) toros and churchills, as well as the occasional Winston Churchill Limited Edition fat figurado that looks like a Daddy Warbucks stogie wasn't there. A lone voice of wit and intelligence since the retired member of the judicial branch got remarried and swallowed a full dose of his wife's family's rabid Viet-exile paranoid facism.
The backroom was filled with floating turds.

As you can no doubt imagine, I am glad to have time off. I need to step away from the ooze.

I intend to spend my free days smoking Cornell & Diehl's Anthology in my pipes, swilling tea, and avoiding tourists, Midwesterners, Southern Californians, people from the interior (many of them visiting civilization to get away from their weather), Southerners, East-Coasters, Alaskans, and missionaries.

Life is too short to spend all of it among the missing links.

I'll hear everything about Arizona when I return.

A pox upon them. Monkeys.

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