Wednesday, August 10, 2022


This blogger is about as tolerant as the next man. But a Spanish speaker who self-professes to be "a citizen of the world", loudly and defensively, should probably not be so pissed-off that no one applauded his rendition of 'Hey Jude'. Especially when he's a worse than mediocre singer even though he knows all the words.

His tones were not dulcet, his stylings were unpleasant, and his personality was unappealling. We could have done without his singing.

Yes, I can say that. I know that my own singing is downright awful, and I do not do it in public in consequence. My ego is perfectly okay with not being the centre of attention musically.
There are in fact many people who are equally sensible and do not sing.
There ought to be more; singing is over-rated.

Please don't sing.
The middle-aged Canadians were too polite to tell him to go piss up a rope. My friend the bookseller and I left before doing so became necessary.

When we had passed by earlier on the way to the burger joint there had been howling. Shortly after we entered, an hour later, there was howling. Karaoke means howling.

Howling is the operative paradigm.

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