Thursday, August 04, 2022


As it turns out, conservatives in the United States object to many things.
And they take decisive action.

"Voters in the Jamestown Township voted against a millage that was used to fund the Patmos Library in the town. The tax was rejected in a vote of 62 percent to 37 percent"
"The vote to remove funding from the library came shortly after many voters criticized the library for the graphic novel Gender Queer: A Memoir that was in the adult section. In the spring, many of the town's residents attended board meetings to demand the book be removed from shelves, but instead the library placed it behind the counter so it wasn't accessible to children."
End quotes.

[Source: Bridge Michigan, as cited in Newsweek.]

Most of their problems would be solved if they had no libraries, no schools, and no medical facilities either, seeing as they're now gunning for the medical profession. Removing access to all these things in the hinterland would reduce friction in this country as well as, and this is crucial, save everyone a lot of money. Let the church take up the slack.

The American churches have a sterling record regarding literacy, honesty, education, fiduciary responsibility, faith healing, casting out daemons, speaking in foreign tongues, tolerance, and preventing all kinds of sexual shenanigans. Plus beautiful thoughts and prayers. Which is why Mississippi, for instance, is such a wonderful place. It seems to me that most conservative parts of our great country are striving to become like Mississippi. Mississippi is a conservative paradise.

Just look at Texas and Florida; they're well on their way to becoming Mississippi.
And we should not stop them. Healthcare and education.
The world respects Mississippi.

I have the greatest possible respect for America's Christians.
And for the great state of Mississippi.
A modern Rome.

Better red than read.

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