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There's an anime clip out there which is both comedic and extremely perverted. The term "artistic degeneracy" comes to mind. Tsubaki is not coming with them, as she claims to be busy that evening. The cynical Kaede asserts conversationally that Tsubaki is just a weirdo with an extreme sister complex, whereupon, in hurt innocence, Tsubaki starts weeping. Into what at first glance looks like a nice lacy handkerchief, but one of the girls immediately recognizes is one of her own panties, which she reclaims. No worries, Tsubaki has another stolen pantie in reserve, as well as Nadeshiko's brassiere. Which she carries around just in case. The scene ends with the two young ladies frantically trying to get back their undergarments which Tsubaki is holding aloft, out of their reach.

In life, sometimes your underwear remains out of reach.
So does everyone else's.


Keep reaching for the unobtainable. It's good to have goals.

Um. While I can sympathize with them both, victimised by Tsubaki's perversity, these are not fully developed characters with much depth. Another youtube clip distracted me.

In which the relationship between Japanese females and canines is fully explored. Be prepared for dramatic developments, shocking details, and shark chocolate.

"Don't give up! If you give up, it's over!"

That's sage advice. On the other hand, you might get shark chocolate. 日常 (nichijou, 'yat seung') is a complex and densely layered slice of regular Japanese daily life.
Also, if you surprise friends by doing your homework, you too can be struck by falling objects when you seek shelter from torrential rain at a neigborhood shrine. Serious life lesson!

Although I now know about nagashi somen, I am not keen to try it.
It's festival food that seems a bit too gimmicky.

Life in Japan might be exciting.
Oddly underwear centred.

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