Thursday, August 25, 2022


Lazily I wave my rhinophores about, sensing what animal I shall eat for lunch. Curry. I'm thinking curry. Specifically, goat or mutton curry. Unfortunately, that isn't common to my environment, but I've heard of a place where it's fairly easy to get.
A small green-blue planet with pesky sentient apes.
Must visit.

Perhaps I can disguise myself?

They'll never notice me if I dress like a hippie. I'll look just like a native of San Francisco. And I've heard they also have hot sauce there. Goes well with cooked slaughtered caprids. Especially when served in an onion mustard seed coriander seed garlic sauce.

Not having hands might be a bit of a problem.
I'll get one of the locals to feed me.
Reward it with plastic.
Act natural.
Maybe I can just ooze gently over the dish, absorbing its meaty goodness? My stomach is my foot. I can crush my victims, then tear off strips and swallow them whole.

Must remember not to do that to the locals.
It might disconcert them, the dears.
Some of them are useful.
Mmm, tasty!

Rhinophore: A chemical sensory organ that is shaped like a rod, located on the upper side of the head. It can wave about. There are usually two of them.

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