Monday, August 29, 2022


The price of French fries in Holland and Belgium has jumped considerably this year. Which, to anyone who has been there and seen the passion that those folks have for fried food must seem like pre-revolutionay conditions. A big paper cone of fries, sprinkled with salt, served with a humongous dollop of mayonnaise ..... it's sheer heaven.
Add several unidentifiable fried objects, a feast.
Kroket. Frikandel. Bami schijf.

I fixed myself a late lunch today. A rice pilaf with a generous amount of chicken, roasted green peppers, hot pepper paste, green curry paste, fried peanuts, garlic, ginger, and an egg. Sort of American Southwest meets Hyderabad meets Thailand.

Probably exactly as unhealthy as the Dutch fastfood feast.

Hot cup of milk tea and some cookies afterwards.

No, I'm not fattening up for anything.

It's just that when I'm at work lunch is dreadfully boring, given that there are extremely limited options in that stretch of swamp. Especially when one does not have a vehicle, and only half an hour to eat. So on a day off I might as well enjoy my tucker and give my cardiologist something to write home about.
Didn't get out of the neighborhood today. I've had too much social interaction over the past several days, when I would have rather growled and snapped.

A lot of speech is required at work. I am not really a talkative type. More scribblative, really. Do people still read?

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