Tuesday, August 23, 2022


Naturally, as a sensitive man, I am capable of offering positive reinforcement and kind words that help you improve your self image. It's a remarkable talent those of us who occasionally think in Dutch have, because Dutch is like no other language a tool for soothing calmness, perspective, and warm sentiments. So it carries over into whenever we think or need to express ourselves in English. We are famously liberal and humanistic.

Positive! Life affirming! Also soothing!

Insight, wisdom, and perspective.

To readers who need comfort:
Okay, I stole that from the internet. Don't know which genius came up with it, but I suspect it was a fellow Dutch American, because it's just so spot on. He probably lives in this city.

There are many persons in San Francisco who need someone to tell them they are cheese dip. Yesterday I encountered a number of them while wandering about. Drug addicts, street people, downtown clerical workers, and religious people having sudden epiphanies. As well as tourists (Germans). Pilgrims in search of answers.

Du. Bist. Käse schmiersel!

Everyone needs to hear that. Spread the word. Go up to people looking at a map in public with that look of bafflement on their faces and inform them "du bist käse schmiersel".
Or, if they're older and must be addressed formally, "ihr seit käse schmiersel".

It helps.

Even if they're not German, but French or Italian, even Czech, which is also likely during the summer months, tell them that. Thanks to history many Europeans understand German rather well. And they are all totally cheese dip.

Aap panir smi'arha hain.

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