Saturday, June 18, 2022


It stands to reason that if we can harvest the brain farts of Republicans, and isolate the combustible elements, we will solve two birds with one stone. The energy crisis, for one.
It's a resource we haven't fully explored. And we should.

Probably best to start with Arizona, Florida, and Texas.

There is a car from Florida parked right outside my front door. In a spot clearly marked as being for motorbikes only. That's one potential ticket. The front wheels are not angled, so that's another. Their rear end sticks into my landlord's driveway. A third.
This may be an expensive visit to San Francisco.

The car probably belongs to someone visiting the party-hearty bros across the street. It is widely known that people from the great state of Florida are carriers of Xenopsylla cheopis, so that the very least we can expect is a rise in the number of comatose individuals.

I wish the landlord across the street would stop renting to yuppazoid fratt-o-zots. This is the second or third lot since the pandemic started, and like the ones who spent time with covid, they also keep throwing parties.

It's a large part of the reason why I don't like young white people.

On the other hand, during work I babysit the old and depraved, so I don't like elderly white people very much either.
I myself am quite startlingly Caucasoid, but timeless.

Something I realized last week: since the pandemic started, far too many twenty-thirty white guys do not shave often enough, look unkempt, disreputable, and slovenly, and dress in very unique and highly indivualistic ways. And they would do well to cut the cheeseburgers from their diets. Their skin might improve. As, very likely, would their social lives.
Shan't say anything about their unfamiliarity with shampoo.
Or the tattoos of which they are so proud.

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